Pool Sales

Pool Installation in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas PA & NJ

Our company is a “One Stop Shop” providing our Customers with high quality Above Ground Swimming Pool Packages accompanied by Complete Installation. We offer Aluminum or Composite Wood Custom Decking and complete landscaping as well. Unlike the typical Aluminum or Resin (Plastic) Above Ground Pools that Retail Stores or Internet Sights offer, Our Pool Product has a six (6) Finish Coat System over a Corrugated Galvanized Steel extended 52″ Height Wall. The Lower and Upper Stabilization incorporated in the Pools Structure allows the Pool to be installed Semi-Inground (oasis effect) or into existing Hillside Conditions if the yard is extremely off level.


  • Pre-Inspection of Pool sight to insure accurate Pool sizing and Placement.
  • Complete Delivery to your residence.
  • Complete Installation (Excavation is additional upon yard conditions).
  • 30 Year Manufacturer Warranted Extended 52″ high Corrugated Galvanized Steel Wall in a stealth Dove Grey Designed Pattern (Complements Grey Composite Wood Decking).
  • Up Graded 15 year Manufacturer Warranted Designer Patterned Base Virgin Vinyl liner with Electrostatically non-increment seams to insure prolonged life.
  • Hayward Filtration System with upgraded 1½ Horsepower Pump.
  • Wide Mouth Surface Skimmer and Return Assembly (Grey)
  • Automatic Pool Cleaner (Promotional gift)
  • A-Frame Pool Ladder Designed for Safe entry. Universal for Deck to Pool application (Grey).
  • Complete Manual Maintenance equipment includes Vac Pol, Vac Hose, Vac Head , Lief Skimmer, Wall Brush, Test Kit, Thermometer and all Filter Connection Hoses and Fittings


  • Excavate Swimming Pool Semi- InGround for an oasis effect.
  • Backfilling and Land scape around Swimming Pool with Beveled Treated Timbers/Plastic/Decorated Pebble Rock.
  • Extended Center Hopper for an extra 1 Foot in depth.
  • Dual Main Bottom Filtration for Total Circulation (increases water temperature).
  • Protecto Padding Insulation. Helps Protects Wall from condensation damage and liner from punctures and pinholes. (Increases water temperature).
  • Under Water Pool Lighting for Night Swimming offered in Plain bright light or Led Color logic Lighting that will turn your water into a spectrum of different colors.
  • Jacuzzi Jet Action Feature can be installed for a total Body Massaging experience. (Also helps water circulation for a better filtration cycle.)
  • Automatic Chlorination System reduces amount of Chlorine needed resulting in less operating expense. Also reduces maintenance allowing for more time to enjoy your Pool.