Fiberglass Pools

Fiberglass Pool Repair in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas PA & NJ

*Fiberglass Pool Repair / Renovations*

Your Fiberglass Pool has treated your family good for many Years. Now it is time to make those necessary repairs. It is important for our Company to Pre Inspect your Fiber Glass Pool Damage so that we can Prescribe the Correct Application of Repair. Many times a Fiberglass Pool will be subject to Hydrostatic Pressure which is caused by your property’s high water table. This hydrostatic Pressure Problem can cause your Fiberglass Pool to Float out of the ground like a Boat. It can also cause Cracks in the Gel Coat and Fiberglass Shell. Our Trained Staff can Re-level Fiberglass Pools and or Perform Structural Fiberglass Patch Work. We can also Gel Coat or Epoxy Coat the entire Fiberglass surface with our Extra High Build Epoxy Coating. We Have Installed and Repaired Thousands of Fiberglass pools since establishing our company in 1967. Fiberglass Repair is a very Specialized area and should only be performed by Professionals such as our company. We can also Upgrade your Filtration System, Pump, Auto Chlorination, Salt Water System, Solid or Mesh Safety Spring Cover and Natural or Propane Gas Heater. We also Carry Electric Heat Pumps for Fiberglass Pools.

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