Above Ground Repair

Above Ground Pool Repair in Philadelphia and Surrounding Areas PA & NJ

As your pool begins to age, it will inevitably require repairs. Cracking, hollow spots, (ie: “pop-ups”) and chipping are just a few issues that require a pool repair expert. Most small cracks and chips will need maintenance performed by a skilled pool technician, or they will become large cracks before long, resulting in costly swimming pool damage. Pool plaster repairs are just a phone call away!

Detecting a leak in your pool can be a costly and technical challenge. Our trained experts are skilled at using the right equipment, using the most cost-effective methods to repair your pool or spa. Please call and get a quote from us before attempting to do it yourself.

Our company is a “One Stop Shop” providing our Customers with high quality Above Ground Swimming Pool Packages accompanied by Complete Installation. We offer Aluminum or Composite Wood Custom Decking and complete landscaping as well. Unlike the typical Aluminum or Resin (Plastic) Above Ground Pools that Retail Stores or Internet Sights offer, Our Pool Product has a six (6) Finish Coat System over a Corrugated Galvanized Steel extended 52″ Height Wall. The Lower and Upper Stabilization incorporated in the Pools Structure allows the Pool to be installed Semi-Inground (oasis effect) or into existing Hillside Conditions if the yard is extremely off level.

1. Leak Detection
a. Electron Leak detection
b. Hydrophone sound
c. Videoscoping
d. Pressure Testing
e. Luminous Dye Test
2. New Liner Patterns
a. Elite Series
b. Premier Series
c. All other brands

3. Wall Damage
a. Wall Split
b. Wall Collapse
c. Wall Rusting/Holes/Oxidizing
4. Deck and Fence Repair
5. Filter Repairs